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    Mom's Bath Recipe

    Moms Bath Deep Body Moisturizing Bundle


    • Hydrating Body Milk for Skin Brightening
    • Exfoliating Wipes for Radiant Skin and Dead Skin Removal
    • Powerful Exfoliating Mitt for Smooth, Renewed Skin
    • Soy Milk Mask for Deep Skin Hydration
    • Ultimate Body Hydration Bundle for Dead Skin Removal
    • Enhance Radiance, Remove Impurities with Our Exclusive Bundle

    Moms Bath Body Care Package


    • Body Milk for Maximum Hydration
    • Exfoliating Wipes to Remove Impurities & Enhance Body Radiance
    • Potent Exfoliating Cloth for Eliminating Dead Skin & Rough Patches
    • Vitamin-Infused Exfoliating Wipes for Long-Lasting Body Freshness (Up to 24 Hours)
    • Body Milk for Skin Brightening & Moisture Lock
    • High-Performance Exfoliating Cloth to Fade Old Scars & Boost Moisture

    moms Bath Ultimate Body Care Package


    • Effective Body Milk for Long-lasting Hydration
    • Exfoliating Wipes to Enhance Body Freshness and Radiance
    • Exfoliating Mitt to Combat Acne and Impurities
    • Vitamin-Infused Exfoliating Wipes for Lasting Freshness up to 24 Hours
    • Body Milk for Skin Brightening and Moisture Retention
    • Exfoliating Mitt to Eliminate Stubborn Dead Skin Cells and Cleanse Pores

    Moms Bath Package for Dead Skin Cells Removal


    • Strong Body Exfoliating Cloth - For smoother skin, eliminating dead cells.
    • Exfoliating Face and Body Wipes - Enhance skin radiance and freshness.
    • Soy Milk Hydration Mask - Deeply moisturizes and nourishes your skin.
    • Red Bean Face Mask - Rejuvenates facial skin with red bean extract.
    • Soy Milk Face Mask - Nourishes and revitalizes your skin.
    • Black Sesame Face Mask - Promotes skin health and hydration.

    Moms Bath Skin Impurities & Hydration Package


    • Body Exfoliating Scrub: Targets tough skin issues like acne.
    • Exfoliating Wipes: Reveals radiant and glowing skin.
    • Soy Milk Hydration Mask (for body): Provides deep body moisturization.
    • Red Bean Face Mask: Nourishes and revitalizes the skin.
    • Soy Milk Face Mask (for face): Delivers intense facial hydration.
    • Black Sesame Face Mask: Promotes overall skin health.

    Moms Bath Body Hydrating & Cleansing Bundle


    • Original Body Exfoliating Scrub for Cleansing and Enhancing Skin Health
    • Exfoliating Wipes to Remove Dead Skin Cells and Reveal Freshness
    • Soy Milk Moisturizing Mask for Skin Nourishment and Moisture Lock
    • Deep Hydrating Red Bean Face Mask
    • Soy Milk Face Mask for Improved Skin Health
    • Black Sesame Face Mask for Radiance, Brightness, and Hydration

    Moms Bath Enhanced Skin Hydration Package


    • Highly Effective Body Milk for Deep Hydration
    • Exfoliating Scrub Cloth to Eliminate Dead Skin Cells
    • Soy Milk Mask for Skin Nourishment & Moisturization
    • Exfoliating Scrub Cloth to Revitalize Pores & Enhance Nutrient Absorption
    • Body Milk for Skin Brightening & Locking in Moisture
    • Soy Milk Mask for Collagen Boost, Improved Skin Elasticity, and Radiant Skin

    Moms Bath Skin Brightening Bundle


    • Nourishing Body Milk for Hydration & Skin Nutrition
    • Salicylic Acid Cleansing Wipes for Exfoliation & Radiance
    • Original Exfoliating Cloth for Pore Cleansing & Tightening
    • Skin-Lightening Body Milk with Moisture Lock
    • Salicylic Acid Cleansing Wipes for Dirt & Residue Removal
    • Original Exfoliating Cloth for Dead Skin Cell Removal & Skin Cleansing

    Moms Bath Acne Care Bundle


    • Exfoliating Skin Cloth to Remove Stubborn Dead Skin
    • Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Wipes for Body and Face Cleansing
    • Body Wash for Acne Control and Pore Cleansing
    • Exfoliating Cloth for Smoother Skin and Acne Reduction
    • Pore-Cleansing Wipes to Eliminate Blackheads and Whiteheads
    • pH-Balancing Body Wash with Deep Hydration

    Moms Bath Bundle For Radiant Skin


    • Moms Bath Vitamin Exfoliating Gel:
      • Removes dead skin cells
      • Instantly improve skin's brightness
      • Deep pore cleansing & enhances skin texture
    • Moms Bath Vitamin Exfoliating Wipes:
      • Enhance skin radiance & freshness
      • 24-hour freshness & vitality
      • Effective body moisturization

    Moms Bath Face Hydration Masks Bundle


    • Red Bean Mask for Effective Skin Hydration
    • Black Sesame Mask to Enhance Skin Radiance and Tone
    • Soy Milk Mask for Youthful Skin Renewal and Improved Texture
    • Moisturizing Masks with Bamboo Fiber Threads for Enhanced Absorption
    • Gentle, Dermatologist-Tested Moisturizing Masks Free from Skin Irritants
    • Moisturizing Masks Infused with Yogurt, Honey, Vitamins, and Minerals

    Moms Bath 5-Pack Soy Milk Face Masks for Deep Hydration


    • Soy Milk Mask for Skin Nourishment and Hydration
    • Soothes, Revitalizes, and Energizes the Skin
    • Noticeably Improves Skin Health
    • Locks in Moisture and Prevents Dryness
    • Naturally Formulated with Bamboo, Dermatologist-Tested, and Laboratory Certified
    • Enriched with Yogurt, Honey, Vitamins, and Minerals

    Moms Bath Black Sesame Mask Package - 5 Masks


    • Black Sesame Mask for Skin Cell Renewal
    • Improves Skin Texture and Deeply Hydrates
    • Effectively Enhances Skin Health
    • Locks in Moisture and Prevents Dryness
    • Contains Bamboo Threads, Dermatologist-Tested, and Laboratory Certified
    • Enriched with Yogurt, Honey, Vitamins, and Minerals

    Moms Bath Red Bean Mask Package - 5 Masks


    • Red Bean Mask to Enhance Skin Hydration
    • Deeply Moisturizes and Soothes the Skin
    • Improves Skin Texture, Health, and Cell Renewal
    • Naturally Formulated with Bamboo for Enhanced Skin Absorption
    • Free from Skin Irritants and Lab Certified
    • Enriched with Yogurt, Honey, Vitamins, and Minerals

    مومز باث - حليب الجسم


    • غسول حليب الجسم لترطيب البشرة
    • مرطّب فعّال يُستخدم بعد الاستحمام
    • تنظيف الجلد بفعالية وترطيبه بخلاصة الزبادي والعسل والحليب
    • يحتوي عناصر مهدئة للبشرة
    • مثبت مخبريًا
    • تخفف التوتر والقلق الناتج عن الإرهاق وتعزز الاسترخاء

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