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Moms Bath Body Care Package


جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

  • Wash Off Body Milk for extra hydration
  • LHA Vitamin Glow Bath to get rid of dirt and oils
  • Strong Body Peeling Loofah to get rid of chicken skin and lightening skin tone
  • Wash Off Body Milk to lock hydration in skin and help lightening skin tone
  • Strong loofah to get rid of dead skin cells and scars marks

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The Body Care Package by Moms Bath

Package Description

Discover our comprehensive body care package, featuring top-notch products designed to address various skin concerns. This package is tailored to purify, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it radiant and refreshed. Here's what it includes:

  1. Moms Bath Body Milk - 200ml
    This body milk is enriched with yogurt and honey extracts, providing maximum hydration for your body. Its advanced, quick-absorbing formula moisturizes and soothes the skin, promoting brightness without any sticky residue. Use it during or after your shower for the ultimate skin-loving experience.

    Usage Instructions:

    • Apply a generous amount to your wet body, then lather.
    • Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry with a towel.
    • It can be used without rinsing for easy absorption.
  2. Moms Bath Exfoliating Body and Face Wipes with Vitamins - 45 Wipes
    These wipes deliver maximum freshness and radiance for up to 24 hours upon use. Packed with effective exfoliating vitamins and potent hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid mixed with panthenol, they remove dead skin cells and even out your skin texture.

    Usage Instructions:

    • Gently rub the entire body, focusing on dry areas, while pressing on the wipe during exfoliation.
    • Pay extra attention to challenging areas like elbows and knees for enhanced radiance.
    • Use the remaining oil on the wipe to moisturize and scent your hair.
    • Continuous use is recommended for deep cleansing and revitalizing your skin.
  3. Moms Bath Powerful Body Exfoliating Loofah
    This strong loofah excels at both exfoliating and cleansing your body simultaneously. It contains an effective cleansing solution made from fruit enzymes like pineapple and fermented pumpkin extract, which eliminate old dead skin, chicken skin, and scars. Additionally, it provides intense moisturization with seaweed extract. Each box contains 8 loofahs, each for single-use.

    Usage Instructions:

    • Completely rinse your body with water, then gently start lathering with the white side to produce rich keratin foam.
    • Use the green, patterned side on areas like ankles and elbows to remove old dead skin.
    • Rinse your entire body with lukewarm water.
    • Recommended use is 2-3 times a week.
    • A patch test on a small area of the skin is advised to ensure no allergies.

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