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Mom's Bath Recipe - Body Peeling Pad - Original Care


جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

  • Body Peeling Loofah for effective cleansing and hydrating
  • Original Body Peeling Pad with hinoki scent, honey and yogurt
  • Effective by cleaning the skin and removing dead cells
  • Contain natural oils and ingredients inspired by korean bath
  • Save and easy to use
  • Enhance relaxation and stress relieve

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Product Overview

The original exfoliating loofah from Mom's Bath is known by being a loofah to cleanse and moisturize the body at the same time, inspired by the heritage of the Korean bath, which is famous for removing dead skin by using the best and oldest types of Korean mixtures in a modern way that is easily suitable for daily use.

The original exfoliating loofah contains 34.11% of body moisturizing ingredients, such as a mixture of yogurt, honey, and other moisturizing elements. For instant exfoliation and hydration Scented with the scent of Hinoki Cypress; To relieve stress and tension, and lock moisture into the skin after finishing bathing.

This loofah does not cause allergies to the skin. Because it contains willow bark extract and natural exfoliants that are gentle on the skin, there is no need to wash the body while using it.

This loofah consists of two sides to get the best exfoliation without causing skin irritation. One side is green; To exfoliate stubborn areas and remove dead skin cells effectively, the other side is white for the entire body and is rich in effective foam.

Product Details

Product size: 8 loofah in one box.

Brand: Mom’s Bath Recipe

Made in: Korea.

Skin Type: All Skin Types.

Instructions Of Use

Rinse the entire body with water.

Open the package to use the loofah after placing it in the hand and gently rubbing the body from the white patterned side until the foam rich in keratin intended for body care appears.

Get rid of stubborn dead skin cells on your ankles and elbows using the other embossed green side.

Rinse the entire body with lukewarm water.

Use a loofah 2-3 times a week.

It is recommended to test a small area of ​​the body to ensure that no skin allergies occur.

You can then use Moms Bath LHA vitamin glow body peeling pad. Tafter using the loofah, to enhance absorption of effective ingredients in pads.

Why Body Peeling Pad Original Care

Easy to use and eliminates the need for exfoliating baths.

Easily used at home.

Easy to carry while traveling.

It helps to exfoliate and moisturize the body effectively.

It is composed of natural ingredients and oils that are beneficial for the skin.

Reduces dead skin in addition to enhancing skin freshness.

Relieve stress and fatigue during showering.

Suitable for all skin types.


Stop using the loofah as soon as any abnormal changes appear on the skin.

Wash eyes immediately after contact with the loofah with plenty of water.

Keep the loofah out of the reach of children.

Store the loofah in a cool, dry place.

Keep the loofah away from direct sunlight.

It is not recommended for use by pregnant women.

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Khadija Alkindi

منتج جيد والسعر غالي

Asrar Khaled
سوء التعامل

المنتج نفسه ممتاز جدا ولكن اللي حصل في التوصيل وتحميلي المسوولية كامله سئ جدا تاخر التوصيل وسبب التاخير من الشركه وليس مني وانتظرت اكثر من المده اللي المفروض يوصلني فيها ومحد عوضني بشي ولمن طلبت تعويض قالت " اكنسلك طلبك وترجع لك فلوس " هذا تعويض او اسلوب ؟ موظف او موقع يبغى يكسب زباين وعملاء ولكن انا راح اطلب المنتج ولكن مو من موقعكم واي احد انصحه على المنتج ولكن راح اعلمه على اللي صار معي وانه مافي اي تعويض او احترام للزبون واي احد يسالني عن موقعكم ببلغه بسوء التعامل وشكرا

بشرى عبدالرحمن الدعجاني

علبة باث ليفة تقشير الجسم الأصلية ( ٨ حبات بالعلبة)


علبة باث ليفة تقشير الجسم الأصلية ( ٨ حبات بالعلبة)

laila Mohmmed


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Mom's Bath Recipe - Body Peeling Pad - Original Care

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