Surely you have seen or already tried on your skin any of the expensive creams or lotions that promise fresh, comfortable skin and the complete elimination of wrinkles.

Creams help to some extent, especially moisturizing the skin and protecting it from external toxins and sunlight. However, if you want serious results, you will need to treat it from the inside.

Start Treating Your Skin From Inside

Collagen is naturally present in our skin. With age, collagen production within the skin decreases significantly. As a result, the skin becomes inelastic, flabby, and more visible wrinkles appear. So the skin must restore collagen quickly and effectively so as not to damage the quality of the skin.

Multiple Types Of Collagen

Yes, there are several types of collagen on the market that are marketed in different forms. From capsules, concentrated drinks, to candy. Most often, collagen is derived from beef and pork. It can also be extracted from lakes.

Marine collagen is the best type of natural collagen. NatiCol® is a patented, high quality Type I marine collagen that is free of calories, carbohydrates and preservatives. It has no odor tasting and dissolves best in cold water or juice of your choice.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Natural Marine Collagen

Collagen replaces 30% of the proteins in the body. After the age of 30, collagen strands get worse - both in quality and in quantity. Collagen degradation affects the appearance of the skin as it loses its elasticity and plumpness and weakens the bones and tissues. NatiCol® prevents the "breakdown" of collagen bonds and replaces the body with collagen lost with age.

Why Does It Work Better Than Bovine Or Porcine Collagen?

The answer is simple. NatiCol® contains bioavailable peptides that, according to the study, are better absorbed than other types of collagen and therefore work better.

Pure protein without carbohydrates and calories

NatiCol® contains the main amino acids that our bodies need (skin, joints, bones, etc.).

Efficacy Proven By Scientific Studies

A study in women aged 50-70 years after 6 weeks of taking 10g of NatiCol® Collagen daily showed: skin moisture improved by 23%, skin elasticity increased by 23.7%.

NatiCol®, unlike other creams, improves the appearance of the skin on the whole body. Collagen is found throughout the body and, through the mouth, enters all collagen tissues in the body.