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PGX® Daily - Appetite Suppressing Supplement


جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

  • المنتج رقم واحد في كندا لسد الشهية
  • يدعم فقدان الوزن بطريقة صحية
  • مصدر غني جداّ بالألياف الطبيعية
  • يمنحك شعور بالشبع والإمتلاء
  • يقلل الإحساس بالجوع بين الوجبات
  • يحافظ على نسبة السكر و الكوليسترول الطبيعية في الدم
  • آلياف طبيعية آمنه بدون منبهات

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Product Overview

What is PGX®?

PGX (PolyGlycopleX®) is a patented super fiber complex appetite suppressing supplement made up of natural, highly viscous polysaccharides. When taken with meals, PGX expands in the stomach over a 30-minute (or longer) timeframe. This process creates a feeling of fullness (satiety) by absorbing water and filling the stomach while slowing digestion1. This promotes healthy blood sugar levels thereby curbing the body’s hunger cravings throughout the day1

How Does it Work?

PGX reduces appetite and promotes a feeling of fullness.

Unlike other supplements which promise; “a magical change in metabolism”, “fat that melts away”, or  “weight loss without any effort required”, PGX is backed by published, double-blind research that demonstrate PGX’s effectiveness at helping you feel full longer and hungry less often1.

While helping you eat reduced portions and making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle, PGX can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life1.

Health benefits of PGX®

  • Reduces food cravings and produces a feeling of fullness1
  • Supports healthy weight loss when used properly as part of PGX Weight Management Program™1
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within normal range1
  • Lowers the glycemic index of meals1
  • Gluten free
  • Natural
  • Stimulant free

Product Information

Instructions of Use

Follow the simple steps below to help you, and get started with PGX

How to use: For excellent results, take a daily PGX Daily "sachets" before or with meals. Mix it with a large glass of water or juice, and it can also be sprinkled on moist food, such as milk, yogurt, fruit salad or soup. Have another cup of water after taking BGX. Or as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

First week: one sachet once daily.

Second week: one sachet twice daily.
At the end of the second week you will feel full quickly and for a longer period.

If your body is not used to PGX reduce the dose like the first week until you feel you can tolerate PGX and then increase the dose as shown above.

Do not exceed two packets three times a day


Every sachet contains: 2.5 grams of PolyGlycoPlex fibers.

Supplement Facts


It is not recommended to use the product with pregnant women. This product is not suitable for people who cannot drink as much water as patients with kidney problems.

During the first week of use, the patient may feel some gastrointestinal disturbances such as bloating or gas, diarrhea or constipation, but the symptoms soon disappear after the first week.

Important notes

PGX Daily can slow the absorption of oral medications if they are taken together at the same time, so medications should be taken an hour before PGX Daily or two or three hours before taking PGX Daily fibers. 

Consult your physician before taking PGX Daily fibers if you are taking any medications.

Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar regularly because PGX Daily fibers may lower their blood sugar level and thus may interfere with their diabetes medications, and they should consult a doctor before use.

Package contents

PGX Daily Pack contains: 30 sachets.

Frequently Asked Questions

After taking PGX, is it possible to still be hungry?

Sure. It is possible to still feel hungry after taking PGX. It’s a gentle-acting plant fiber complex that works gradually to reprogram your neurological response to food. For emotional eaters, additional counseling and support may be necessary.

How does PGX control cravings?

Cravings are a direct result of blood sugar imbalance. PGX controls the release of sugars into the bloodstream, slowing digestion and creating a feeling of satiation.

Can I take PGX if I’m on medication(s)?

Consult your healthcare practitioner. PGX can affect the absorption of medication into your bloodstream. We recommend taking your oral medicine at least 1 hour before or 2-3 hours after consuming PGX. This information should not be taken as medical advice or substituted for it.

Can I take PGX with other supplements?

Yes. PGX can be taken in combination with other supplements, such as essential fatty acids (EFAs) and multivitamins & minerals.

Does PGX contain gluten?


Does PGX have side effects?

As your body acclimates to PGX, it’s possible to experience some intestinal discomfort. We recommend incrementally increasing the dosage as explained here, and drinking a large glass of water with each dose.

I’ve tried other diets. How is PGX different?

Unlike other supplements, PGX is designed to “treat the cause, not the illness”.  PGX and the PGX Programs will not only help you lose weight but help you maintain a healthier weight. And while doing so, PGX will provide you with the added benefits of living a healthier life.

Return and refund policy:

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The customer shall be borne the customs charges, consequences and responsibility for the customs law for the country which was shipped to.

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The estimated amount paid by the company shall be refunded within 7 to 21 working days.

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بي جي اكس مشروب سد الشهية - PGX Daily

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بي جي اكس مشروب سد الشهية - PGX Daily

Mah Salem

احببت المنتج اود ان اططلب منه مرة اخرى لكن اريده بخصم مع مجموعة

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