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    Hair Lotion

    Watermans Condition Me® 250ml - Hair Repair and Growth Conditioner


    Glossier looking hair
    Freshens and softens the hair
    Makes hair fuller and thicker
    Revives and repairs damaged hair
    Resists damage against hair heat-styling tools

    Watermans' Hair Growth Starter Kit


    • Growme Shampoo reduces hair fall by enhancing hair growth
    • Condition me conditioner hydrating hair effectively and repair hair damage
    • Elixir Serum enhance follicle growth, strengthen roots, to protect it against hair loss
    • Growme Shampoo enhance hair thickness
    • Condition me conditioner enhance hair shine and health
    • Elixir Serum reduces hair damage to have healthy hair

    Watermans Protect Me 200ml - Heat Protection Spray For Hair


    Protects hair from the heat of styling tools
    Promotes hair growth
    Maintains hair moisture
    Protects hair color
    Prevents split ends and frizzy hair
    Suitable for all hair types

    Watermans' Hair Growth Starter Kit


    • يكثّف شامبو جرومر الشعر ويحميه من التساقط
    • يحسن بلسم كونديشن مي تلف الشعر ويرطّبه بفعالية
    • يعزّز بيوتي جاميز نمو الشعر والأظافر
    • يقوي بخاخ جرومر الشعر من الجذور ويعزّز قوة البصيلات
    • يغذي شامبو جرومر فروة الرأس ويحسّنها
    • تحافظ هذه المجموعة على صحة الشعر وتعزّز كثافته ولمعانه

    Watermans Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner Set


     Travel sized Shampoo and Conditioner
     Helps maintain a healthy hair care routine during travel
     Convenient and easy to carry
     Lasts for 10 days
    Suitable to all hair types

    Extra Hair Moisturizing Bundle by Watermans


    • Growme Shampoo 5 months bundle for thicker, shiny hair
    • Strengthen follicles and hydrate the scalp
    • Recommended by experts
    • All hair types
    • Full of vitamins, minerals and natural oils

    Watermans Hair Fibers - Hair Thickening Fibers (Dark Brown)


    Fills in the hair gaps
    Suitable for men and women and all hair types
    Gives hair more volume and thickness
    Effective in all weather conditions
    Natural, safe and blends undetectably with your natural hair
    Remains on hair throughout the day until shampooed
    Easy and works in just 30 seconds

    Watermans Bundle For Hair Protection and Hydration


    • Protect Me Spray, protects the hair from thermal hair styling tools, and enhancing hair growth
    • Hair Oil enhancing hair and skin hydration
    • Mask me, nourish hair effectively, and reduces hair damage
    • Hair Oil get rid of dryness especially frizzy hair
    • Mask Me, nourish hair with extra protection

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