The Best And Fastest Ways To Add Hair Volume

Eat Smart For Healthy Hair Growth

A diet rich in healthy fats plays a role in obtaining thick and lively hair. If genes determine the type of hair tissue and degree of curliness, then the diet plays a major role in the expression of these genes.

So, since hair is mostly made up of protein, it is recommended to get more high-quality protein and healthy fats such as omega-3, and olive oil, which are also found in salmon, avocado, healthy nuts, vegetables and fruits, in addition to all the essential nutrients from vitamins and minerals. Necessary for healthy hair growth.

Use The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

At first glance, you think that it is easy, but it is necessary to take into account the diversity of hair types, and then choose the products that meet the needs of each type completely.

People with fine hair often need a custom shampoo and conditioner that increases hair volume and gives it the right fullness and shine.

Those with coarse hair look for products that soften and moisturize frizzy hair.

Some types of conditioner may be suitable for different hair types with its distinctive and unique formula, such as Condition Me conditioner, as well as the sulfate-free Grow Me shampoo, as there is no foam unfair to the natural oils of your hair when used.

Cut Hair Regularly

It is a myth that cutting hair regularly keeps it healthy, isn't it?

Actually, it is more than a myth, it is a fact that works, when you cut the ends of the hair, it prevents split ends from reaching the whole hair stem. Also, split ends of hair leads to hair thinning and thus loses length, lustre and volume, affecting the smoothness of the hair and the healthy appearance of the hair.

Recommended to cut the ends of the hair once every 3 months.

Avoid Excessive Washing Of Hair

Washing hair maintains its cleanliness and vitality, but exaggeration in some things may harm. Excessive washing of hair goes to natural oils that give hair its strength and lustre, which are the most important factor in nourishing the scalp and hair.

Relax your hair by reducing the number of washing times, and keep combing it daily to distribute the oils in it, and when using shampoo, do not forget to wash it well and get rid of the foam.

Rinse Hair With Cold Water After Showering

If showering with hot water makes you feel relaxed, on the other hand, it harms your hair and skin, so it is recommended to use lukewarm water or seems to be cold when washing hair, or even rinse hair with a little cold water or water at room temperature before leaving the bathroom, as it helps with close the pores of the scalp, and gives strength to the hair tissue.

Don’t Dye Hair Too Often

Hairstylists resort to bleaching the hair by removing the color from the hair before dyeing it to a new color. This is good to give us the exact color we want, but what about the health of our hair as a result of this bleaching?

Hair bleaching reduces the chances of rapid hair growth and regeneration, and the outer cortex of the hair is damaged by bleaching, which exposes it to breakage, so it is recommended to reduce the number of times exposing hair to bleaching and dyeing.

Comb Your Hair Before Going To Bed

If sleeping with frizzy hair is tempting, the benefits of combing it before bed are more tempting when you know it, as it enhances blood circulation in the scalp and serves as a massage before bed, distributes natural oils to the ends of the hair, and achieves a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Take a few more minutes to lightly massage the scalp with your fingertips and in circular motions.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

The heat from styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc. causes hair damage that may affect hair growth. It also causes the ends of the hair to weaken, which leads to their breakage.

Abandoning these tools may be difficult, but losing hair and its density is more difficult. If it is necessary to use these tools, It is recommended to use a heat-protective spray.


Most of us are ready to follow all the successful methods of hair intensification or buy any product that is proven to be effective by experience and helps in obtaining healthy and strong hair, and it may be that making some changes in the daily routine is what is now time to start with, some of these changes and additions will change our lives fully.