We all get sick and feel the symptoms of the disease, and you must know how to maintain your health to avoid these symptoms.. Here are some tips on protecting your immune system

Top 9 Ways To Protect Your Immune System and Keep Your Body Healthy

1. Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

    Lack of sleep and exposure to stress increases the level of the hormone cortisol, which suppresses the immune system.

    2. Avoid smoking

      Smoking weakens immune defenses and increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia.

      3. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

        Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages weakens the immune system and increases susceptibility to lung infections.

        4. Eat Foods That Contain Enough Protein

        5. Take Vitamins and Minerals

        6. Eat Garlic

        Did you know that garlic is the only antibiotic that has no side effects? The spectrum of garlic is enormous - it improves memory, relieves spasms, treats airway inflammation and improves blood flow. Above all, it helps you get rid of colds or flu.

        It is best to add it fresh to the dish just before serving. Do not be afraid of bad breath, as you can get rid of it with parsley, an apple or a glass of milk.

        7. Eat Big Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds

          These foods will nourish your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and boost your immune system. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables during the fall and winter also helps ward off colds and pneumonia.

          8. Sun Exposure

            The sun, in contact with the skin, produces vitamin D, which is concerned with bone health. Also, studies have proven that the sun gives you a better mood.

            9. Pay Attention To Personal Hygiene

              Infection and bacteria are everywhere. On the bus, in the work office, and even on keyboards and smartphone screens, you must wash your hands frequently and disinfect them regularly with disinfectants (disinfecting wipes, gels, sprays).


              Experts say: People touch up to 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes, so it's nearly impossible to avoid dangerous viruses and bacteria in everyday life. Make sure you wash your hands properly and regularly, as you only need soap, warm water and 20 seconds of your time.

              I think if we follow these instructions we will beat all viruses and avoid colds. We know how to keep ourselves healthy! Lying in bed with tea and a batch of pills is a thing of the past, let's enjoy the day and make the most of it.