Have you ever wondered why your hair gets dry and frizzy every summer and your nails instantly break under pressure?

With age, the formation of keratin slows down, like other proteins in the body. While the body's need for it is increasing because the availability of keratin in the skin ensures its flexibility and the flexibility of hair and nails.

Therefore, for healthy nails, hair and skin, the body urgently needs enough keratin.

How Is Keratin Produced In The Body Naturally?

For the production of natural keratin in the body, it is very important to maintain a healthy body in general and to follow a balanced diet that contains good quality proteins. Dietary proteins consist of amino acids, which are also converted into keratin during the metabolism process.

The Best Foods To Create Keratin For Healthy Hair, Nails And Skin Are:

  • Oily sea fish.

  • Legumes.

  • Nuts.

  • White meat.

  • Eggs.

  • Dairy products.

  • Dark green vegetables.

  • Whole grains and carrots.

You can make it easier for the body to provide keratin by using natural products as a source of keratin.

But you must be careful that the keratin used is in a form that our body can use. The body does not have an enzyme that breaks down the protein of individual insoluble keratins, one example being human hair: if you swallow it, it will not be digested.