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How can Ivory capsules provide nutritional support for skin lightening?

Ivory capsules contain glutathione, a trademark of Skin Essentials. Studies have indicated the interaction of glutathione with the body in order to increase skin lightening by inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the concentration of pigments in the skin; In order to lighten the skin more.

How long does it take to see results?

Although results depend on how well your body uses this supplement; However, it is possible to lighten the skin color from one to three degrees in a period ranging from one to three months. Long-term use can lighten the skin even more, up to 5-6 degrees.

Will I get abnormally white skin?

Of course not; As the results are gradual and natural. The skin may open in a light way after this gradation. The skin may become whiter and brighter; But it will still be very normal.

What are some early results I might expect?

You will notice - in the first months - that your skin is healthier. And if you have acne or any other skin diseases; You will also notice that your skin has become cleaner and more vibrant. The skin begins to open from the inside out

Are these capsules suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Ivory capsules containing glutathione "Skin Essentials" are suitable for all skin types such as Asian, African, Indian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Latino skin types. This nutritional supplement may work to lighten the skin; This is by reducing the concentration of pigments in the epidermis; The darker the skin; The more time it takes to achieve these desired results.

What are the reasons that lead to my skin turning a darker color that I don't like?

epigmentation (skin tone) occurs; The body produces melanin, and melanin is a pigment produced by melanocytes. Its production is initiated by an enzyme called tyrosinase; Which controls the tone of the skin, eyes and hair. The large production of melanin in the body helps to darken the skin.

Will the ivory capsules affect eye or hair color?

No; These ivory capsules have been developed to only affect skin tone

What are the reasons that lead to spots or circles on my skin?

The unevenness of the pigments makes the skin tone lighter or darker than the natural color; It may have spots, halos, or areas of different colours; Brown-gray spots or freckles. There are two main types of melanin that combine to control the change in skin tones; They are the black melanin, which makes the skin or hair brown, and the red melanin, which makes the color gradient from yellow to red. Excess melanin production is known as "hyperpigmentation." The most common cause of darkening of the skin or the presence of brown spots or areas of different colors is exposure to direct sunlight without protection

Are these ivory capsules safe?

Very safe; All Ivory capsules are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients and produced in the USA. Emphasis is placed on the highest benefit of each ingredient for good health. The main component of ivory capsules is glutathione; It is a wonderful natural antioxidant, safe and even in large quantities. In fact, there are many health benefits associated with taking glutathione regularly. Glutathione helps detoxify the body and maintains the health and strength of the eye, central nervous system, and immune system. Glutathione - also - helps convert carbohydrates into energy and prevents an increase in oxidized fats, which may help atherosclerosis.

Are these ivory capsules good for vegetarians?

Yes, ivory capsules and vitamin C lightening are 100% vegetarian. There are no gelatinous substances in the products or capsules that are (vegetable capsules).

Do I need to take Vitamin C along with Ivory capsules in order to lighten the skin?

Although some studies suggest that 1,000 mg of vitamin C may result in increased vitamin C. to further lighten the skin; Ivory capsules contain alpha-lipoic acid, which is an effective antioxidant and may also lead to skin lightening. Therefore, vitamin C is not required. In order to achieve the desired result.

How to take Ivory capsules?

It is recommended to take 2 capsules of Ivory with juice or water or at least 30 minutes before or after eating. You may take more than 6 capsules daily or 2 capsules 3 times daily.

Are these ivory capsules safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

The focus in the development of these ivory capsules is to be safe and effective. Our products contain 100% natural ingredients that are produced for good health. With regard to pregnant and lactating women; It is possible - only - to consult a doctor. goodbye

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