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Silky Curling Comb


جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

  • 2 in 1Styling Comb
  • Curly or straight hair by using one brush
  • Easy to use and carry for traveling
  • Safe to use without causing hair fall
  • Long lasting styling

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Product Overview

We present to you, dear reader, the curling comb for hair straightening and curling, which has a smart and safe design. To style your hair professionally and in several ways; It is designed to curl and straighten hair by using one brush in an easy way, and you can carry it comfortably everywhere.

The design of this brush is characterized by high ionic technology, it has a teeth coated with anti-static ionic ceramic that protects the hair from damage, reduces hair loss, and makes it appear shiny and healthier, in addition to long-lasting styling results on your hair.

This brush is easy to use. It relies on a few keys that control the heat and the styling method as what you prefer. Also, it is safe for the hair and the environment for having an automatic shut-off feature for general safety after 60 minutes of use in case that you forget to turn off the plug of the brush.

Product Details

Weight: 385 g

Brand: Silky Curling Comb

Heat plate: PTC

Power: 33 Watts

Frequency: 50 Hz

Heating temperature: 130-240°C

Cord: BS plug with 360 degree swivel cord

Instructions Of Use

You should turn on the brush by pressing the power button for 3 seconds, then select the type of array you want through the following.

For Hair Straightening
  1. Wash your hair very well, dry it, do not use any hair styling product, then use a towel on your neck to protect it from the heat.

  2. Connect and operate the product by following the instructions for use in the manual, set the device to the appropriate level, for example 4.

  3. Press the control button up or down according to the hair type and the style you want.

  4. The light will begin to flash intermittently until the temperature stabilizes. Wait for the light to stabilize; Because it’s a sign of temperature stability so you can start to use the brush.

  5. When light is stabilized, hold the brush carefully and keep it away from your eyes and skin.

  6. Divide your hair into several parts, then use the styling comb on hair starting from the roots and pass it over the entire hair until you reach the ends. Repeat the process several times until the hair becomes straight.

  7. Turn off the brush after you finish, then wait until the hair cools down so you can brush it.

For Hair Curling
  1. (Outward): prepare the hair the same as the last steps 1-6, then use the brush for outward styling and wait for 3-5 seconds.

  2. (Inward): prepare the hair the same as the last steps 1-6, then use the brush for inward styling and wait for 3-5 seconds.

  3. (Wave style): prepare the hair the same as the last steps 1-6, then take several parts of hair and hold it on the brush from the middle of the hair strand, then twist the bruch and pull it until the end to curl it, repeat these steps until you have the best curls.

  4. (Shut down): turn off the brush after you finish, then wait until the hair cools down so you can brush it.

Temperature Levels In The Brush

  • 130°C.

  • 150°C.

  • 165°C.

  • 185°C.

  • 200°C.

  • 215°C.

Note: When styling hair, start with low temperature; To avoid hair damage.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use and carry it on.

  • Designed in a smart and safe way that maintains hair health.

  • Long lasting styling.

  • It has a safety feature and self-off after an hour of use.


  • Do not set the hair straightener to a high temperature; to avoid harming your hair.

  • Set the device to a temperature that is suitable for your hair type; To avoid dryness or burning of hair, which causes damage.

  • Keep the brush away from wet places and do not place it in a dishwasher, microwave, or cleaning or heating devices.

  • Make sure the brush is turned off before you start cleaning it.

  • Do not place the brush parts in water.

  • Do not use sharp or corroded parts or any cleaning solution to clean the brush.

  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe, and then use a dry cloth for final cleaning.

  • Do not use the brush in the bathroom, near the shower, water tank, wash basin, or any wet place.

  • Do not use the brush if the cord or plug is damaged.

  • Check out the manual book that comes with the brush.

  • Do not be afraid to see steam or smoke when using; It will disappear after a few seconds of use.

Return and refund policy:

Reporting problems must be within 7 days of the order date.

Shipping costs shall be borne by the customer, maybe they vary according to the country it was shipped to.

The customer shall be borne the customs charges, consequences and responsibility for the customs law for the country which was shipped to.

Return Damaged/Faulty products requests will be sent to the manufacturer, and if they prove the manufacturing defect, the customer can choose between a full refund, including shipping costs, or obtaining an alternative product.

Return the shipment is due to an error in contact information or the customer has not responded, the return value is estimated by the condition of the product, with deduction of shipping and customs fees.

The refund from the company will be through the same method of payment by the customer.

The estimated amount paid by the company shall be refunded within 7 to 21 working days.

cancelling the order before processing and shipping can be done without incurring shipping costs.

refund due to damage to the products by the shipping company will be for the original price of the product, and in the same method of payment, Dermazone store has the right to compensate the customer with a purchase coupon with the same value as the damaged product.

cancelling part of the shipment after it has been prepared and shipped, will be deducted the shipping costs from the total value of the order with any other expenses related to shipping based on the status of the order.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any problem through e-mail

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شريفة عبدالله

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جهاز تمليس وتجعيد الشعر- كارلينج كوم

تهاني المطيري

جهاز تمليس وتجعيد الشعر- كارلينج كوم

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Silky Curling Comb

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