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    Teeth whitening

    iWhite Whitening Trays Kit + Free Toothpaste


    Effective removal of teeth stains
    Strengthens teeth
    Eliminates bad breath freshens it
    Verified results clinically and scientifically
    Effective whitening up to 8 shades of whiter teeth
    Whitening results within days of use

    iWhite Dark Stains Toothpaste - Charcoal Whitening


    Whitening toothpaste with charcoal particles
    Eliminates bad breath and freshens breath
    Strengthens teeth
    Removes coffee, tea and tobacco stains
    Convenient for daily use

    iWhite Instant Whitening Kit


    Immediate results up to 8 degrees of whitening
    Removes stains caused by cigarettes, coffee and tea
    Whitens interior and exterior parts of the teeth
    Soft and comfortable dental trays, and one size fits all
    Strengthens the tooth enamel

    iWhite Dark Stains + ToothPaste Free


    iWhite Dark Stains teeth whitening kit | Charcoal Whitening Details iWhite Dark Stains is a professional teeth whitening kit for instant results, up to 8 shades whiter, after just one...

    iWhite Dark Stains Whitening Kit


    Super whitening using PAP activated charcoal
    Prevents smearing of teeth and restores enamel
    Immediate removal of coffee, tea and tobacco stains
    Whitens teeth on and below the surface
    Strengthens teeth and creates a protective layer on the enamel that prevents the appearance of new spots

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